March 9, 2021 Parallax Digital Studios

Do We Need A Brand Video?

Be The Leader In Your Industry in Orange County

Not much is going to turn a maybe client into a definite customer better than a brand video. Video allows your face, your product, your brand to be seen and heard and when they know you they begin to connect and this leads to buyers. Loyal personal buyers. Because video is personal, it says please watch and get to know us, we are more than words on paper, we are real and we care.

Video imagery makes potential customers feel that they have a relationship with your company before they read anything. They see you and they want more, this sends them exploring the website, finding out about you and all you have to offer and watching and rewatching your video.

A well-made video for your homepage, Youtube or social media if done right will resonate with the consumer and if they are taken with the video/you, they will share it and pass it on and on and on. Videos is one of the topmost shared pieces of content on social media. That can be you, free advertising being distributed worldwide.

The amount of information that can be conveyed with this format is so much greater than the written word. It’s quick, precise, to the point and they can rewatch or re-listen as many times as they like. Let’s be honest, as a society, we have become accustomed to instant gratification and what better way than video. The choice to read on and dig deeper will be more interesting
because it will be their idea to do so because the video made them want more. Reading alone may cause some to tune out and start scrolling and then on to something else.

It’s so important to get and hold the attention because that is what turns into sales. Not to mention, ads or websites with video content are more likely to be listed at the top of a google search in comparison to text content alone. YouTube and influencers are the future
which means video, we are so much more likely to want that advertising because it’s already in our daily lives now. Tik Tok is a perfect example of this, short videos with lots of content and we eat it up, keep watching and engage.

How many times have you researched a product and then gone to YouTube or another site to find a video of a particular product that you can see and get to know? It’s a very common practice to say the least, so imagine if the video was already there for them. They will watch it and watching it increases the time they spend with you and this increases your positive placement on google. 65% of people who watch videos about a product go visit the website afterward and 64% of people who visit a website are likely to buy. Video will do the work for

A mass amount of companies in Orange County and throughout Southern California are planning to increase their video marketing budget in the coming months and years and you have the chance to stand out now. Be a leader in the market
and set yourself up as the one to follow.

Parallax Digital Studios has been helping businesses all over Orange County grow their business with brand and corporate video production for the last decade. We know the power of great video production has to generate interest, engage and convert new and existing customers. If you want to take your business’s website, social media and brand awareness to the next level in Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, San Clemente, Irvine or anywhere in the Orange County area, contact us for a creative consultation. Call us at 949-467-4669 or email

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