Luxury Lifestyles

Luxury real estate agent, Meital Taub, came to us at Parallax Digital Studios to help craft a series of content to connect with her local community and clients in Coastal Orange County California, as well as, content that would reach and expand her current clientele. We developed the show ‘Luxury Lifestyles’, a weekly episodic show featuring the best of the best in Orange County.

“Luxury Lifestyles” is an enthralling TV show that offers viewers an exclusive glimpse into the opulent world of coastal Orange County, California. Hosted by the charismatic Meital Taub and expertly produced by Steve Freeman from Parallax Digital Studios, this captivating series takes audiences on a captivating journey into the lives of influencers, businesses, and the people who embody the epitome of luxury.

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Produced By: Parallax Digital Studios

Luxury Lifestyles with Meital Taub

“Luxury Lifestyles” showcases the region’s most prominent figures, from glamorous social media influencers to renowned entrepreneurs, giving viewers an unparalleled perspective on their rise to prominence. From lavish beachfront mansions to lavish parties and high-end shopping sprees, the show captures the essence of the extravagant lifestyles that define Orange County.


Luxury Lifestyles and Meital Taub guide you thru the mansions and luxury homes in Coastal Orange County with prices ranging from $1 Million to $100 Million.


Luxury Lifestyles takes you inside the local business of Coastal Orange County that set the tone for the local luxury market


In each episode, see what it takes to truly live a life of luxury and go behind the scenes of the amazing people that live it every day.

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