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How Video Production Can Increase Your Business

Connect with existing and new customers in Orange County

Videos serve many purposes in the business world. They are the key to obtaining positive outcomes for everything from marketing to education. In short, many things are made easier and more effective when clients can watch a video.

Marketing videos are more engaging than a blog post or a static visual. Sizzle reels provide integration of various aspects of branding, such as music and slogans, and studies show people are more likely to stick around through a video than they are to read a blog.

The bottom line is that video production can increase your business in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods to leverage this valuable tool.

Professional Quality Means Everything

Most businesses understand that video marketing can vastly increase the number of people that will interact with their business. That does not mean that any company just can recruit a few workers to shoot an effective video using their smartphones.

For videos to strike the right tone and have the crisp, high-definition look that will attract clients, there has to be a professional behind the camera. Every one of the outcomes that we are going to examine must be understood in the following context…your business will get the greatest results from high-quality production, while poor quality will speak poorly of your brand.

Videos Grant Access to a Larger Audience

The first way that a business will benefit from working with an Orange County video production company is through the opportunity to appeal to a larger audience. Simply put, more people watch videos than read blogs, no matter what industry you may be working within.

In 2017, 69% of consumer web traffic consisted of Internet video traffic. Creating video content increases the potential for your business’ information, sales, and products to be seen.

People prefer to have content presented to them in a way that allows the most important aspects of the message stand out. Although a blog can bold text and include pictures, a video can more directly tell people what the main point is. Studies show that people are more likely to retain information from a video than text, too.

Using a Video Production Company Can Improve Your Social Media Presence

While we are on the topic of reaching a broader audience, it is important to understand how videos on social media can positively impact businesses. Many companies have social media profiles, but you cannot properly leverage these sites to your advantage without the presence of high-quality videos.

The goal of social media sites is to generate buzz about your company, inform customers about promotions, and get people to share their opinions about your business. Basically, your posts need views and shares to generate these benefits.

Videos posted on social media have been shown to generate 12 times as many shares when compared to posts with text or images. Utilizing one of the top video production companies in Orange County to create videos on your behalf will make it easier to:

  • Inform customers about your brand
  • Garner reviews of the product
  • Take part in goodwill measures for dissatisfied customers
  • Tell customers about promotions
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising about the business

That last point is especially important, as word-of-mouth reviews from customers are commonly viewed to be a very reliable and trusted source of information.

All in all, social media videos give companies a way to increase exposure to their product and a platform for customers to speak about their experiences, both of which are likely to result in increased sales.

Marketing Videos Get Higher Conversion Rates

Continuing along the lines of videos and how they can directly increase sales and desired outcomes, we must look at the way that videos impact conversion rates. Very few customers that see a social media post that just contains text or an image respond in the way that a company might desire.

Part of the reason for this is that the advertisements are static and not engaging. Other times, they simply do not provide a good representation of a product. Videos give customers a better idea of the nature of the product and how they can make use of it.

This representation of the product or service is likely to shake customers out of complacence, a fact that studies have supported with two findings:

  • Customers that view a company’s videos on social media have a 27% higher rate of click-through
  • Emails with video often have a 96% click-through rate

Using videos is a much stronger means to convert customers when partnered with emails, social media, and other digital platforms.

Product Videographers Make Merchandise More Desirable

Having services explained in text alone or seeing a product in a static image is less likely to get customers excited than a video presentation. A reader might not understand how to use the product or see the ways that a service could be applied to their lifestyle using traditional texts and images.

Product videography is a great way to capture the essence of a product or service, and it can even show the progression of the service that you are trying to sell to customers.

Showing customers precisely what a product or service can do for them is far more likely to make them willing to try it. Some of the best-selling, TV-only products were able to sell so well because of their video demonstrations.

Having a video production company show off your goods will make them more desirable and understandable. Product videography is also useful for companies that have complex products or services. Using video, they can ensure that their clients know how to use the products that the company is offering.

Educated customers are happy ones. An engaged customer will tend to be more willing to interact with a company, provide feedback, and share their experiences with others so you can keep on getting more business.

Using the top Newport Beach video production company to develop videos for your business can help in many ways. Your company will increase its outreach through social media, get more customers to click through, and make your merchandise more approachable and desirable.

In short, good videos can have a drastic impact on customer interactions and sales.

If you are ready to increase your sales and outreach, contact the team at Parallax Digital Studio, an award-winning Orange County video production company, by phone at 949-467-4669 or by email at contact@parallaxdigitalstudios.com.

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