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Video Production

We are an award-winning video production and digital marketing company, headquartered in Nashville, TN, that is geared for helping brands tell their stories. Whether we are working on feature films, music videos, corporate profiles, branded content, documentaries, social media content or helping a new entrepreneur craft their story, we are committed to the highest levels of quality and creating cinematic experiences that will engage audiences and drive sales and brand awareness.

Feature Films

We all love movies and here at Parallax, we take them very seriously. Our film production team has been a part of major motion pictures, documentaries and indie films. We bring our film studio expertise, passion for the film process and knowledge to every single project. Whether you want to appear on the small screen or the big screen, our film producers, cinematographers and crew will bring your story to life in a way you can only imagine.

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As our team boasts decades of producing television and film, we approach every Commercial Video production as we would a Scorsese movie. We are motivated by the challenge of telling your brand’s unique story in such an unexpected, compelling and different manner that your would-be-customers can’t help but respond to it. Tell your story differently with a commercial to attract your ideal audience, be remembered and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Music Video Production

With over 500 Million views on YouTube, appearing on MTV, VH1, Palladia and every major music video platform, Parallax knows how to communicate an artist’s vision to new and existing fans. Our owner is a hit songwriter and multi-platinum selling record producer, so he knows the music business and knows what artists need to break-through the clutter in today’s entertainment business.

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Corporate Video Production

Win your audience with the leading corporate video production services in Orange County. Parallax helps all kinds of businesses – from funded startups to Fortune 500 companies – engage their website visitors, deliver impactful demonstrations, and entertain clients or staff at functions, by creating corporate videos with a specific targeted message. We offer internal and external corporate video ideas, brand films, and marketing strategies among more to help you get more business.

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At Parallax, we help you shape the perfect message by identifying the focus of the interview, choosing an appropriate location, creating the correct mood, recording the ideal content, and then editing it into the most effective flow for it to be understood and impactful. Interviews are so powerful because they’re personal, and can convey information factually, emotionally and directly. The real magic comes from the edit when your message can be structured, shortened, and crafted.

Corporate Video Production

Real Estate Videography

Orange County’s real estate market is booming, and there’s intense competition among buyers and sellers alike. There is a lot at stake in this dynamic but complex industry, so being able to find the right edge can make a huge difference. We provide professional and affordable real estate video marketing in Southern California, including HDR photography, video walkthroughs, aerial “drone” productions, Zillow™ certified videos, and 3D virtual tours. All these creative marketing tools will help you find the right buyers, investors, and listings anywhere in the world. Contact us to learn more about our Real Estate Videography packages.

Event Video Production

Have our professional videographers and photographers capture your next event in up to cinematic 12K quality to showcase the venue, sponsors, participants, speakers, testimonials, demonstrations, etc. We then edit together an amazing event recap video that can easily be shared on your website, YouTube, and social media outlets, complete with your logo and contact info. Perfect for Industry or Company Meetings, Training, Events, Concerts, Sporting Events & Conferences.

Brand Video Content

Social media is everything these days. More people make their purchasing decisions based on what they see on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok than traditional advertising combined. At Parallax, we specialize in creating compelling branded video social media content for businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers and leading brands. If you want to stand out, grow your following and then monetize that following, contact us about creating social media content for your business.

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Promotional Videos

If you have a specific event, focused campaign or want to drive traffic to your business, put us to work creating engaging promotional video content for social media, traditional media and special placements. Attention and Awareness are crucial in today’s modern economy for businesses, you can’t rely on word of mouth or your existing customer base to grow your business. We can show you how a series of promotional videos can introduce you to a whole new audience.

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Featured Project

We were honored to be chosed to tell the story of the expansion and development of the Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH. The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame Village are currently undergoing a multi-million dollar project to make the Hall of Fame Village a major tourist destination beyond just visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Along with Hall of Fame partners ForeverLawn, provider of premium synthetic grass, the HOFV is now home to multiple practicing and playing fields, amazing landscaped grounds and an indoor dome for events shielded from the outdoor elements.

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From entrepreneurs who are struggling to understand their brand, to local businesses and fortune 500 companies competing in the global economy, we work with the same intensity, focus, and drive. The results are truly unbelievable.

Award-winning Video Production
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We Tell Stories. We Build Brands

Parallax Digital Studios is an award-winning video production, branding and social media content creation company based in Nashville, Tennessee. From entrepreneurs who are struggling to understand their brand, to local businesses and fortune 500 companies competing in the global economy, at Parallax, we work with the same intensity, focus, and drive to tell stories and create cinematic content that captures the imagination, engages audiences, sparks interest and drives awareness.

Our Process

Based on over a decade of producing films, commercials, videos, developing marketing strategies, social media content and executing go-to-market plans, we’ve developed a video production process that truly differentiates us from other Orange County video production companies. Whether it was developing the overall marketing and go-to-market strategy or producing video content in-house and with partners, we’ve always been accountable for the results generated from our creations and we extend that same level of accountability to all of our customers.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Before we begin any project, we always start with a business discovery session where we’ll learn more about who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish using video. We want to have a solid understanding of your business, the value it provides, and who your target customers and viewers are.



Now that we know what drives your business, we need to start thinking about how we’re going to tell your story and what’s the best way to visually communicate your message on-camera and on-brand. We research and plan for every detail of your project with precision and care. From crafting a strategy to creative concepts to scriptwriting and more, our discovery and pre-production process accounts for everything you need now and might need in the future.



With everything planned and gathered, we’re ready to shoot! Parallaxs’ award-winning video production team and state-of-the-art equipment make the production run like clockwork. We’d say our process is simple, but it’s taken years to perfect. This is the fun part, actually bringing our combined visions for your brand to life in a new, creative and engaging way.

Post Production

Post Production

All of the hard work finally comes to life in post-production. With our master editors and cutting-edge tools, we add the finishing touches to your project and prep for deilvery. We account for a wide variety of elements including color correction, graphics packages, sound engineering, animation, voiceovers, and more, ensuring your final content is nothing short of stunning.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we get most often. Please feel free to reach out to us in person to discuss your specific needs and projects.

What is a full service video production company?

A full-service video production company offers a wide range of production services. We not only can handle your film and television project from start to finish. We can also provide services including scriptwriting, social media management, animation and any creative task setting your brand apart from the competition. A full-service video production company will help your business with every step of your production project, from beginning to end product.

What does a video production company do?

A video production company creates engaging video content for brands to use in their marketing strategies. We create compelling video content that includes education video production, corporate video production, employee training video production, online ads, commercials, and social media content, among many other creative projects.

How much does it cost to get a video produced?

Video production costs vary. It depends on the type of video that you’re having created. Video production can range anywhere from $1,500 to millions of dollars. It all depends on the location, time spent shooting and editing, cast and crew size and overall scope of the project.

How much is a 3 minute video?

A five-minute video’s production cost can range from $250 to $1500 per finished minute. The cost of any video production service will depend on the project.


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