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How Companies Are Growing Through Video Content

Utilizing corporate video production in Orange County has helped companies to thrive in many ways. Adding video media to a company’s webpage, social media, and advertisements has allowed them to experience growth that would have been otherwise impossible.

Businesses can use videos to garner more customers and sales, but they can also use them to grow internally. Join us as we look at the ways that quality videos are helping businesses to reach all of their goals.

Sizzle Reels Make Your Brand Memorable

A company’s brand is a significant thing. It incorporates the perception of the company by customers, unique designs and symbols, and factors that set them apart from other businesses. In short, a brand consists of tangible and intangible elements that can be hard to disseminate to customers.

Sizzle reels are a specific kind of video that can capture the imagery, attitude, and purpose of a company in a single media format, a task that is all but impossible for a company to do without professional help.

These videos can promote a company’s growth in two ways. First, these videos provide companies with a unified presentation of their products, services, and company voice. People that see the video will associate the imagery, music, and tone with that brand.

Secondly, the videos make brands memorable so that they stand out, instill confidence in buyers, and make a company’s message seem authentic. Videos are the ultimate form of advertising and educational materials. They have been shown to increase conversions, sales, and customer feedback.

Videos Can Attract New, Valuable Talent

When we speak about company growth, it is not always a matter of numbers; sometimes, it is about making the company’s team grow in meaningful ways.

Every company does some sort of talent acquisition during its lifespan. Should a company hire the first person that comes along or should it tell potential workers about the kinds of people that would benefit most from working there?

The companies that experience the most significant growth are those that can generate excitement about their employment opportunities. They can use videos, like the aforementioned sizzle reels, as a means of helping people to determine if they are the right fit for the company. That way, businesses attract more worthwhile candidates.

Having a video about the company’s mission and culture can create a sense of personal investment from people who align with those ideals. Even though videos are mostly used to market to other businesses and customers, they can also attract more valuable assets in the form of top-tier employees.

Creating a Following on Social Media with Videos

Another facet of business growth is a brand following. Loyal, dedicated customers are the key to attracting more customers. In the present day, social media videos are a highly effective means of garnering clients. Content on social media sites gives people a sense of investment and interest in the company.

The types of videos that create the best engagement with customers will vary, but they are often ones that:

  • Reveal new products
  • Announce sales
  • Thank customers for their ongoing loyalty
  • Address product concerns
  • Educate customers about a product or service

Consumers get the opportunity to have a direct line to the company through videos, as videos on social media often come with a mini forum in the form of a comment section. In that space, reps from the business can directly interact with their buyers outside of the sales line or customer service desk.

Businesses can leverage that direct line back to their clients with advertisements, brand-building videos, and updates that increase customer engagement with their products. They can gauge the target audience’s thoughts, take their advice, and learn about the content they enjoy most.

Social media videos are much more likely to be shared than text and image posts alone. As a result, using videos on social media is akin to jumpstarting the digital word-of-mouth about your company that can ultimately increase exposure and start generating sales.

Product Videography Makes Customers Comfortable with Products

Some companies sell products or services that are very technical and difficult to understand. Videos are a key educational tool that can help customers to get past their inherent trouble with the items and prime them to make a purchase.

One great way to help a company to grow is to develop educational tools that meet the customers’ needs. Customers feel more comfortable buying from or investing in a company that can explain their products and services. The ability to get others to understand complex topics demonstrates a high level of expertise.

The fact is that most people prefer video content, and they are better learners when they are presented with videos in place of images and text.

The average person will recall 95% of important information from a video, while text and infographics each have lower rates of recall. Using corporate video production in Orange County to make an educational video about your company will increase sales and build confidence in customers.

A Video Production Company Can Make Personalized Content

Personalizing video content is another significant means through which to help a business grow. Every state, county, and country may have different audiences that a business might want to reach.

Using a Newport Beach video production company to make content specific to an area can help your business to target the locations in which you want to grow and get customers. People feel a connection to their local area, so when they see their location mentioned in a video, it is as though the company is speaking directly to them. This can improve a company’s conversion rates and give them a home-field advantage when compared to their competitors.

Video content is a great tool for helping businesses to grow their staff and customers. Using videos for branding, education, or recruiting can be the best tool for creating new growth, both inside and outside of the business.

Growing your company using video is as simple as using our Newport Beach Video Production company, Parallax Digital Studios. Call us at 949-467-4669 or email us at contact@parallaxdigitalstudios.com today and get award-winning video production for all your needs in Southern California.

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