March 14, 2021 Parallax Digital Studios

How Powerful Is Video For Your Business?

Orange County Customers Are Consuming Video Content At A Record Rate

VERY! If you own a business in Orange County, you should be using video content for marketing. It’s progressing and has already progressed rapidly. It’s a “newer” marketing tool but it may become your most important. Research shows that customers in Orange County consume hours of content each day. If you want your business to reach these customers and remain at the front of their mind, creative, compelling and engaging videos are the key to turning casual viewers into long-term customers.

Why should companies be using video production on their sites and social media accounts? It’s profitable, it’s versatile and it’s catching quickly.

Let’s discuss the benefits.

1.Vision– is our most dominant sense and so from the jump, it makes complete sense to reach out and grab the audience’s attention immediately. Having a video on your home page dramatically increases the odds of the consumer clicking and watching before they read or scroll. It’s easy and it draws you in without making your customers look around. They immediately get the message if you make a great video, a strong point and THAT is what makes them want to look more, scroll and stay for a while. 74% of consumers who watched a video for a product, purchased that product. That’s huge!

2.Video provides a return on investments– and this is proven, 83% percent of businesses cannot be wrong. Consumers even indicated that videos that are concise, to the point and clear make all the difference. The likelihood of a buy from a video is roughly 74%!

3. Confidence and Trust-marketing is based on trust, you are sharing your knowledge, goods and wares with your customer and asking them to believe the information you are providing. You are saying this is what we are about and this is true and who we are, can we be friends. Video brings this to the forefront in a huge way. You are giving them a “hands on” view and pulling them into a “relationship” with you as a business. Video brings out their emotions and those emotions whether positive or negative will leave a strong feeling with them about your company. YouTubers and influencers have become so powerful in brand promotion and if you want to be serious about marketing, you have to be serious about video, it’s where it’s at!

4. Time– This is very important to note, video on the homepage will keep the consumer engaged, engaged means longer visits to your website, which means “commitment” and this ques search engines that your website has good content, and this gets your site bumped up. Since Google now owns YouTube it makes sense that websites with video take up google’s top searches. This is so relevant to the importance of your YouTube videos having catchy titles and descriptions and any video you post on any platform should always lead back to your website or product.

5. Mobile– means you’re everywhere. The large majority of people watch videos and search websites on their phones. The number of users watching from their phones grows larger every year. This means your consumer potential grows larger as well. Our phones are personal to us and watching video from this personal device can trigger how personal the consumer feels about your product through video. This commitment means they take you with them and will revisit often because you are at their fingertips.

6. Class is in session– when you have a product that needs an explanation, a detailed explanation video becomes your classroom. So much explanation, description and concept can be explained this way. It can be done through animation, pictures and reenactments. Video can reach so many different levels for you and your potential client. You can reach them where they are most comfortable and how they best understand.

7. Lazy or efficient– your consumer can be one or the other, or both. Video makes it so easy for every type of person to view your product and then determine for themselves how far they want to jump in. Video will give them quick access to you without much effort or commitment. This is why it is equally important that your video sound quality is outstanding, some people may not watch so much as listen, remember those people as well when you consider the mic quality on the video.

8. Sharing is caring– people are 75% more likely to share a video with friends, family or online. Think about that, your video can travel the world long before a text or email regarding your product could. Interesting, catchy videos can go far. Video ads have proven to be highly effective on social media platforms. 74% of ad recall happens in the first seconds of a video, so upfront, quick imagery is key for social media.

Quick summary:
The majority of consumers prefer to watch video over reading

Content quality is more important than production quality Concise, to the point upfront content
Make them want to share the video, Make them want to keep watching.

Video advertising is becoming so widespread you almost can’t afford to not do it! It can be affordable and has proven successful. People want to see the companies and products they are interested in being creative and leading the way. Video is where it’s at and that’s where your company needs to be as well.

If you want to be the leader in your industry, keep existing customers and engage new customers in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Clemente, Anaheim, Costa Mesa or Irvine contact us at Parallax Digital Studios, Orange County’s award-winning leader in cinematic video production, for a consultation with our creative team to see how we can help you and your business go to the next level. Call us at (949)467-4669 or email us at 

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